We’re looking for talented, passionate go-getters to join our team across the nation. If you’re interested in an internship that gains hands-on experience with a reputable nonprofit organization, please join us.

You are required to send your Resume and all required details on siddiqui@defindia.net

FAQ Section

1. When are internships available?

You can apply at any point of time during the whole year. But your internship call will be based on our requirements.

2. Is this a paid internship?

Yes. You will be paid appropriate amount as stipend after the completion of your internship. However, Digital Empowerment Foundation   will not pay the expenses of travel from your place to Digital Empowerment Foundation and from Digital Empowerment Foundation to your place as well as your accommodation expenses during the period of internship. As an intern, you will not receive any of the employee benefits that regular organization employees are entitled to including but not limited to paid holidays, sick leave, pf contribution of the organization. Further during your internship if you take any leave then amount will be deducted from your stipend accordingly.

3. How many hours per day do intern work?

Each intern works for atleast 8 hours a day.

4. Does DEF provide accommodation?


5. Does internship require full time?


6. Does DEF send their interns to their other centres?

Yes if necessity occurs.

7. Do interns have to be at New Delhi for their internship?

It depends upon the necessity at other centres. If there is no vacancy, then you will have to report at DEF’s Head Office, New Delhi.

8. Are there any eligibility criteria for interns?

It largely depends on your capabilities and work profile associated. You will be required to submit your CV along with all your skills mentioned clearly in it and then you will be assigned work appropriately. However, working on ground level, travelling, fluency in atleast one language (English or Hindi) and familiarity with ICT tools is recommended.