Mungaska is the place in Kaman taluka in Alwar, Rajasthan. Rajasthan has its own identity in folk art, theatre, music and tradition. It is diverse in traditional customs. Mungaska is a hub of Bhapang artists. The Bhapang is a plucked monochord percussion instrument and also known as “talking drum”. This art was the best way for entertainment in ancient time. Due to modernization and many modern instruments, this traditional art is on the verge of extinction.  This village is a home 100 families. Due to unemployment and illiteracy, they are living in poverty.

Digital Empowerment Foundation, Delhi has established Community Information Resource Centre aiming to enhance and digitize this dying folk culture. Centre is facilitated with latest ICT tools. It has 5 laptops, Xerox Machine, colour printer and photo printer. Basic computer, MS Office and English learning courses are taught to student so that they can benefit themselves in future by digital mechanism.

Before CIRC, people were conservative and girls were not allowed for education. But, due to CIRC’s efforts, villagers are now modernized and they got aware about importance of girl education. Girls are now free to come here, get education and create opportunities for higher education.

Till now, 50 students have been engaged with this CIRC and 34 of them have got certificates.

Recently, we have conducted health workshop, where large no. of people came and got tips for better health. Free check-up was also available for villagers.