media-coverage“I am happy that women in my village are learning computers. This is indeed a good initiative. Women now stay updated about current information. They have become more knowledgeable and this has enabled them to come forward, participate and contribute towards overall development of the community.”

-Kamla Devi,Chota Lamba,Arain,Ajmer,Rajasthan


Kamla Devi, Chhota Lamba, Arain, Ajmer, Rajasthan


“The sight of computers always intrigued me. However, we could learn computers only at school. But now, we don’t have to go anywhere. We can learn computers at our doorstep because of mobile van. We have learnt how to open and save files. We can draw pictures using paint tool. 

-Ayesha,15 Years,Chandauli


Ayesha, 15 years, Chandauli, Rajasthan

Anga Mohan“I always wanted to learn computers but because of my sight disability no institute was willing to give me admission. My mother got me enrolled for a digital literacy programme in the CIRC centre running in our neighbourhood. Able guidance and support of my trainer helped me build my computer knowledge.”

-Anga Mohan,Vadacherpualli

Andhra Pradesh

Anga Mohan, Vadachepurupalli, Andhra Pradesh


“The word ‘computer’ used to be unknown to me. But now as I learned how to use it, I want teach others too. Using this knowledge, I want to be a doctor and help people as many people as I can”.

-Devkumari,15 Years,dCIRC,Naya Raipur,Chhattisgarh

Devkumari, 15 years, dCIRC, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh