• CIRC centres offer all-in-one printer facility required for Documents Printing, Photo Printing and Scanning.
  • CIRC centres are well equipped with computers connected to internet for browsing facilities to rural population and to practice online learning methodology.
  • In collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, CIRC is establishing Digital Public Libraries which are positioned to offer public Internet access and training to individuals who would otherwise not connected to the digital world.
  • CIRC centre serves as a portal to obtain information and learn the procedure of filling an RTI application online.
  • An individual can obtain any information related to Govt. Policies/Schemes Online at CIRC centre.
  • CIRC centre serves as platform to obtain information on employment opportunities.For example, workers from rural areas can obtain information regarding their job cards under NREGA scheme.
  • CIRC centre offers facility to book Railway/Bus tickets online.

Information Services for community, related to;


  • CIRC centres provide information regarding hospitals providing best medical checkups and facilities.
  • Recently a workshop on cancer awareness was organised at CIRC Centre, Chandoli, Alwar under the guidance of Dr. Capt. Ritu Biyani from Pune, Maharashtra which had an appealing effect on people.
  • A facility under the title ‘CardioTrack’ has recently been put into practice in collaboration with NestingBits Technologies which provides Wireless ECG monitoring and Analytics.


  • At CIRC centre, a farmer can get relevant details from the internet like weather, Mandi (Market) pricing and eliminate the middle man to sell his crop directly which will trigger faster adoption.


  • Digital Literacy Program does not aim at knowing complex computer skills but refers to how technology can help citizens improve job skills, access better education or healthcare and government services and use technology in a way that can impact their livelihood and personal growth.

Economic Opportunities

  • Digital Literacy Program originally oriented to provide digital literacy, often ended up offering skilling opportunities for those who want to go an extra step.
  • CIRCs are encouraging the Self Helping Groups (SHG) by facilitating their trading with ICT tools.
  • Workers residing in rural areas can visit their nearby CIRC centre and obtain relevant information on their job cards under NREGA.