Osama Manzar

Founder-Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation

osamaOsama Manzar is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, editor, columnist, and new media specialist who spearheads the mission of Digital Empowerment to overcome the information barrier between India’s rural sector, and the so-called developed society. He founded Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), the not-for-profit organisation to accomplish this mission. After having run successfully a software company, 4Cplus, Osama decided to sell off his options and concentrate on the social sector using his expertise, experience and knowledge. DEF was founded by Osama in December 2002 with the aim to bridge the gap between people and ICT.

Amarendra Srivastava

Senior Consultant & General Manager, Digital Empowerment Foundation

amrendraAmarendra Srivastava has a comprehensive experience spanning across 22 years across a wide spectrum of domains. He helps organisations through strategy reviews, business process transformation and software technology implementations. His areas of expertise include business planning, strategy & execution, project management, operational excellence, training & development and human resources (hiring, talent management, performance management). He has contributed to various Startups, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), larger organisations like American Express and Infosys and non-profits like Digital Empowerment Foundation, Liberty Institute and LetzChange.Org. He is quite active on Social Media and can be reached at @amarsrivastava on Twitter.

Ravi Guria

Deputy Programme Director- Media & Communication, Digital Empowerment Foundation

raviRavi Guria is a Media person and Film-maker with over 15 years of experience. He has been associated with a number of prestigious media organizations with a special focus on empowerment and development. Currently, he is heading Media, Communication, Design & Awards departments at Digital Empowerment Foundation as Deputy Programme Director- Media & Communication. He is spearheading a number of projects such as Social Media for Empowerment and e-Heritage.

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