The West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya, habited by tribal communities has the twin challenges of development and governance as well as quality human resource development. This is accentuated further due to lack of advantages of any adequate information communication technology programmes. Despite rich in natural resources and produces, the district, administered from Tura District headquarter, suffers from key services like transport, communication, information services, professional skills, employment, market linkages and functional literacy. Towards addressing these challenge, the Tura Internet and Services Centre (TISC) project was conceived and is now being implemented in Tura to make provisions for various skill development, capacity building and information and communication services. This effort is being made to contribute to already running development and growth programmes and complement the roles played by stakeholders. It is visioned that such an institutional programme can work towards a sustainable model and could mean a lot to the people in terms of inclusive development and empowerment.


Centre Coordinator:- Harun Ahmed
Tura Internet & Services Centre (TISC)
Upper Ground Floor, Sora Complex
New Tura, West Garo Hills District,
Meghalaya, India.
Contact No :- +91-93651233099
Email :- harun@defindia.net