Community Information Resource Centre: CIRC

This is CIRC

If one looks at it closely, the two official names of the country- Bharat and India also portray them as two different entities. While India is modern, information rich and has many opportunities to gather more information Bharat is remote, under-developed and lacks information, knowledge and access.Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) is trying to bridge this gap of people living in remote and under developed areas and provide them with equal opportunities to gather information and knowledge. In order to make this possible, DEF has initiated a programme , Community Information Resource Centres (CIRC).CIRCs are ICT tool powered digital centres where communities can go and access basic information. At present there are 22 CIRCs in 22 states of our country. By the end of 2014-15 the number is expected to increase to 100.

Small but effective beginning

Digital Empowerment Foundation started this project in 2007 from Ginjo Thakur Gaon, a small village in Ranchi. The project received immense support from community members and students who took advantage from CIRCs. From then till now the CIRC project in Ranchi has expanded its footholds in various areas. If one looks at the national scenario, out of 29 states in the country CIRCs can be spotted in 22 states. CIRC has now expanded its horizon and has included many other projects within this project. DEF has received support from many other partners towards making this project a success.