Bassi is a town governed by the Bassi Census Town, Jaipur district, in the state of Rajasthan. The population in Bassi is 26,000 as per the survey of the Census India 2011. Literacy rate is 65% which lower than national average. There are 8400 workers in which 7,333 are regular workers and 1067 are irregular workers. This number shows the higher unemployment in this town. Though the total number of schools is quite high, the dropout rate at the primary level is 54.38 % whereas the upper primary level is 68.28%, which is a glaring indicator of the terrible state of primary education in this area. The attitudes regarding women’s mobility, education and control over resources and they are expected to lead a subdued and subordinated life. In the interiors of rural areas the participation of women in public spheres is insignificant.

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