CIRC-Ranchi stands on sector-3, Dhurwa.It was small village before division of Bihar. It has 20000-30000 population. Most of the people are from Muslims and Adibasi Minority. Nayasarai, Sithio, Jagannathpur are the local villages. Traditionally they are farmers and workers. After HEC-Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd opened, villagers had started to join this company but in financial crisis HEC had released many workers and they became unemployed. Unemployment led their lives in to poverty and their children are deprived of education.

CIRC-Ranchi started in 2007 at Ginjo Thakur Gaon by DEF, Delhi. It was shifted from Thakur Gaon to Jauhar academy at sector-3 on 27th august, 2011. Centre provides computer course and internet service. It has 10 laptops, digital camera and printer. Now, Poor children of this area can get use of this centre on free of cost. It supplies online and offline services to the rural people. Now they have source which can understand their problems and give them related information.

It was started with 10 students and day by day this number increases. Recently, 20 students are engaged with this centre. Members of the centre are concerned with the education of students and they put their best effort on teaching. 10 students from first batch are passed out and some of them have got job.

Students and local people have shown affirmative response towards CIRC centre.
We are planning to start course for English speaking and typing.

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