Vadachepuurupalli is located on India’s eastern seaboard in Vishakhapatnam city. The population is increasing and it is estimated that around 1.7 million people are living in Vishakhapatnam. Traditionally, the main occupations of the region were fishing and agriculture and these continue to be important in rural areas surrounding the city. As Vishakhapatnam has grown, its infrastructure has not been expanded accordingly. Housing has becoming more expensive for uneducated people and many end up living in poverty. Children are the first victims of the deprived social and economic situation. Human trafficking is a main problem for girls and women from poor families.DEF, Delhi decides to enhance the condition of this area. On 6th January, 2014 DEF has put one step ahead in enhancing the poor people by establishing CIRC at Vadachepurupalli. This centre is facilated with laptops, printers, digital camera and internet service. Now poor people can learn computer and get more information about RTI, RTE, Government Schemes, etc. MS Office, Photoshop and other software are taught to students involved with this centre in nominal fee. Recently, 10 members are working at centre. Total 50 members have completed their course and 10 of them have got placement in different companies.

No of people approaching to this centre for knowledge are now increasing this shows their appreciation of the programme. Girls seem to be doughty and happy to have CIRC centre in their own area. Students attend their class regularly and show their full attention.
We will start course for C, C++, Java, hardware and networking shortly. Our new library is under construction.

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