Vijay Mandir is a beautiful tourist place in Alwar, Rajasthan famous for its artificial Vijay Sagar lake and Vijay Mandir palace. On the outskirt of Alwar city many tribal communities are living under poverty and their identity is in grave danger. Large portion of tribal communities remained unemployed and the employed ones are working at the lower stage of tourism industry and their children do not have any opportunity for education.Digital Empowerment Foundation, Delhi has initiated an admirable and empowering programme under the title Community Information Resource Centre in collaboration with a NGO named Sapna to impart digital education to villagers through ICT tools. Centre provides facilities of computer, printer, internet service which are useful to villagers to solve their problems. Digital services like scanning, printing, etc. are easily available to them in spite of going to city which has increased the number of visitors every day.

For computer courses, regular classes have been started in which basic computer operating, internet surfing, file transferring, MS office and Email are taught. Recently, 28 student are involved with this course. To bring bright future to these students, communication skill and personality development workshops are held in which group discussions, English speaking and other activities are organised.

Despite several growth-orientated policies adopted by the government; the widening economic, regional and gender disparities are posing challenges for the health sector. To develop health awareness, centre has recently conducted health workshops in which free health check-ups are provided and some tips for better health are shared.

By establishing the Digital Panchayat, it acts as a medium between Panchayats and government departments where complaints will be forwarded to the concerned department for action. All elected representatives can record any complaint and send them to desired department and DEF headquarters.

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