Hailing from the small town of Katihar in Bihar, Shah Alam was very intrigued by technology and engineering tactics. His early memory of mobile phones was from television and movies where the stars used to fiddle with their mobile phones. He was twenty years old when he moved to Delhi and saw the commonality of the device. After buying his first Nokia mobile phone in 2nd year of college, he slowly mastered the basic handset and moved on to a multimedia phone. Today he identifies his existence with mobile phone. He now works with over 10,000 communities across India to make them digitally literate. He has travelled in 28 states and over 1,000 villages in India. From banking to social media, emails to skype, printing and scanning to reading books and watching videos, he does it all via his smartphone. He believes that mobile is the next revolution and is the most promising change-maker for a developing country like India.

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