India has over 200 million Internet users, out of which 30 million users are women. The programme aligns with the mission of Google’s HWGO to achieve its mission of enabling 50 million women to go digital in 2014. The programme will cover women belonging to students, self-help groups (SHGs); Panchayat representatives; women entrepreneurs; women NGO functionaries; dropout girls and housewives.
The program will be covered through DEF’s currently functional centers.
The program duration for the one batch will be 4 hrs. and within those 4 hrs we will cover following things..

How to use Google Search Engine to find information
How to make email (G-mail) ID and communicate through email
How to watch videos in YouTube
Use of Google+ as social media and chatting through Hangouts
How to upload and share picture at Picassa.

Aim of the HWGO is to make women enable to get information related to Education, Health, Public Schemes etc.

Following are the components

  1. The programme will use Community Information Resource Center (CIRC) for imparting digital literacy among women; adolescent and dropout girls;
  2. There will be proper mechanism of reporting that will include per center reporting having components of reporting like batch size, name of participants, their photos, trainers name and photo, staring and finishing date, photos and videos of the sessions, feedback and experience sharing from the participants and trainers
  3. At the time of taking a woman into admission, she will have to fill a complete form which should have all her info including information about her level of knowledge about ICT and internet, so that when she leaves, she enters another form that will have info on what she learnt.


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