In 2020, COVID-19 paralyzed conventional ways of doing business, downsized the economy and most importantly turned upside down the educational practices.

In India alone, 320 million students have been affected as schools are closed, though the government swiftly recommended for “online teaching”. But, in a situation where network connectivity is limited and have network dark areas, and while fighting for survival, education was sidelined. Among these issues one major challenge was the non-availability of modern digital devices, without which the network is useless.

This put millions of children’s future into dark, as they don’t have access to these tools. Thus, to address the digital divide and promote inclusion, Accenture along with Digital Empowerment Foundation have joined hands to digitally empower the under-privileged youth of India through the Accenture- CIRC program, by offering digital devices and digital-infrastructure-supported access-points to overcome the challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic causing hindrance to access learning and education.

A minimum of 3000 new tablets will be procured and distributed to youth and children.

Project will create 200 access points for underprivileged youth in both rural and urban areas of the country to help them in learning and education purpose.

The project aims to reach a total beneficiary of 300,000 (200 centers X 1500 users) in which Accenture will provide all reasonable support and cooperation to the accomplishment of the Project.

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