Capacity building and training

Businesses across the globe realize that the ever rising demands for commodities could only by satiated with their never ending supply. High and quick production is the mantra, making technology an indispensable component of the overall delivery mechanism. It is incredible how the era of computers has boosted industrial productivity. Naturally, digital literacy has become the most sought after skill by nearly every sector. Regardless of the size or popularity of any enterprise, one cannot get a job unless they have at least basic knowledge of computers. In such scenario, the rural youth has constantly lagged behind their urban counterparts in the race of employment opportunities. Empowering them with computer literacy is hence, the utmost imperative. Taking ahead the spirit of ‘Skill India’, CIRCs across the country constantly endeavour to create a robust, computer literate workforce, besides improving entrepreneurships. Besides computer literacy, computers have demonstrated great potential in catalysing the overall skill development of youth as well as women in rural India. Capacity building activities, such as enhancing language and communication skills, behavioural and capacity building skills, management skills, etc. are effectively carried out through online and offline platforms. This essentially includes programmes that offer an elaborate curriculum through pre-designed study modules, created with easy to understand content, often followed by tests conducted to evaluate student performances.


A dynamic initiative by British Council, Manzil Course aims to take English language training to the rural and underserved communities of India. Offered at a nominal fee, this online course not only trains rural youth to speak more confidently in English, but also helps them acquire basic employable skills such as how to prepare a CV and how to deliver an impressive interview.  Till date, 11 Community Information Resource Centres are implementing the Manzil Course and 53 students have already been enrolled.


It has been frequently observed that women have proved themselves as effective change makers and better advocates in every scope of social empowerment. Based on this trend, CIRCs in Madhya Pradesh implement the DLSW programme, which target to prepare rural women-folk as crusaders of digital literacy and skill enhancement. The process includes facilitating last mile internet access to the communities, capacitating communities in accessing information and providing skill enhancement support to strengthen entrepreneurships. So far, the DLSW enabled centres have achieved a coverage of about 10,000 households across the districts of Betul and Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh.

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