Baank-e-loom, a Centre dedicated towards digitally empowering weaver community of Saidanpur, went on a door-to-door visit in the village to meet several weaver families. The motive of CIRC Saidanpur is to escalate the change by empowering each and every weaver with knowledge and digital tools. Recently Baank-e-loom team went Saidanpur & Badagaon to meet weaver families of this area and asked them to join CIRC to learn digital designing and basic IT skills. They explained how the handloom products can reach a wider market with social media and e-commerc and several production and promotional schmes for their products and motivated the weavers to visit the CIRC. During the visit they met Master weavers, children, home makers and small scale weavers. They also saw some beautiful handwoven craft and congratulated the weavers for the skill sets.

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