This is the story of Aparna, a student in the Digital Literacy for Women and Girls program. She has narrated her experience during the program:

My name is Aparna and I am 17 years old. I had little to no knowledge about computers as earlier I had received some training in school but had forgotten as I wouldn’t be able to regularly use it. I got into the mainstream education and forgot all about computers; my only focus was on getting good grades. My digital knowledge was limited to WhatsApp and Facebook. Due to COVID my school was shut and one of my friends told me about the digital literacy program. I thought I could use this time well instead of just sitting at home and doing nothing. It was only after I joined the program that I realised I hardly had any knowledge of digital tools.

The digital literacy training helped widen my perspective; I am now exploring new careers and planning my future differently. Along with digital literacy we were also provided financial literacy- I have learnt how to set up a bank account and how to use e-commerce websites and digital payment methods like GPay. I am so happy that I have joined this program and I am really looking forward to gain more skills and move forward.

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