The rise of industrial era saw national and international industries adopting high-tech manufacturing units that produce in bulk, but in a very short time. Down the years, these units further evolved to replicate even the most intrinsic hand-crafted goods. As a result, despite being revered worldwide for their incredible craftsmanship and uniqueness of products, the Indian rural and traditional micro-enterprises have taken a beating against the modern manufacturing systems.

Extensive digital inclusion has not only given India’s small scale enterprises a chance to revive but also given them the courage to compete against mainstream markets. CIRCs have helped establish innovation technology solutions that enable easy and affordable access to the internet in rural areas. This initiative has been successfully acting as an empowering agent for small and micro enterprises. Moreover, traditional artisans, especially the underserved are now imparted skills in basic computer applications, such as word processing, data entry and internet surfing and add to the value to the supply chain. Additionally, training in E-mail communication has reduced operation costs and speeded up business processes.


Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship & Empowerment(W2E2 ) programme is to create women driven ICT micro social enterprise and entrepreneurs supported by wireless internet in socially backward locations or districts of India and contribute to an enabling internet environment and internet for gender inclusion and women empowerment. The programme aligns with the mission of internet society, which is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) has initiated W2E2 programme and selected 10 women from across various domains of SHGs, Agriculture, teaching, etc. from Chanderi, Baran, Shivpuri and Tura to empower them for multiplying process under which selected women are trained and after that these trained women spread knowledge to other women and thus the chain continues and will slowly cover every corner of India one day.



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