“Fortune favours the brave”, and so is the story of Oliulla

Barbhuiya living in Cachar district, Assam. He is suffering from locomotor disability since his childhood because of which he was not respected in his community. There were many instances where he was bullied by his peers and humiliated as well. However, this did not destroy his motivation to live a respectful life. One day he met one of the district coordinators of Digital Empowerment Foundation near his location, where he was oriented about the power of digital literacy.

Right after the camp, he enrolled himself in the digital literacy training offered by Digital Empowerment Foundation where he actively participated in all the classes and learned about all the digital tools. Currently, he is a Samarth Soochnapreneur with Digital Empowerment Foundation and has opened his own center where he is providing services like filling various online government forms and providing digital literacy to his village youth.

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