Niyaz Waris is a resident of ‪Saidanpur, located at about 30 km from Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. Three years ago, Niyaz left school after completing his 8th and started helping his family. His work included managing a vegetable shop which was the only source of family income. During one of the community mobilisations when the CIRC team of baank-e-loom Saidanpur met him, Niyaz showed his interest in learning computers and got himself enrolled in the basic digital literacy course at the centre. After one and half months of training, Niyaz learnt to operate important digital tools and computer applications. He now works with MS Office, surfs the Internet and draws with Paint. Niyaz desires that differently abled persons get easy access to digital education. ‘I don’t think of myself as having a disability, so I keep my life as normal as possible’, says Niyaz.

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