From its very launch the CIRC Jakhli in the Betul district of Madhya has been dedicated towards bridging the digital divide in the village. Now, the centre has taken a step forward by synergising the available digital infrastructure with healthcare services. Regional coordinator Masroor, along with personnel from local partner organisation Pradan consulted doctors from missionary hospital and sought their support in providing people of Jakhli with online medical consultations. The doctors readily welcomed and appreciated their initiative and were more than eager to offer their remote support to the villagers. Lack of accessible health infrastructure is not the only problem faced by the people of Jakhli. Due to conservative mind-set, women in general prefer to stay discreet about addressing their health related issues, rather than meeting with a health expert, often leaving their ailments unattended. Hence, the telemedicine initiative gave special focus towards benefitting the women of the village. Entrepreneur Sangeeta Vishwakarma, who has been actively conducting mobilisations within the village, took up the responsibility of connecting with the women and encouraging them to avail the telemedicine service being offered at the CIRC. So far, two remote consultations have been successfully conducted in which around 20 women have received advice. Women from all age groups, including adolescents interacted with doctors and health experts through video conferencing. From menstrual hygiene to safe childbirth, gynaecologists helped women with medical guidance so that they can embrace healthy practices in their day-to-day lives. The centre makes special efforts to ensure privacy of patients by assigning a separate room during each telemedicine consultation.

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