The women in rural India face multiple issues for accessing internet/gaining digital literacy, such as lack of education, awareness, accessibility and affordability and often restrictions/resistance because of their gender.

The needs of the urban women are different and varied – on one side we see many women entrepreneurs digitally enabled and breaking the mould – running their businesses/working from home and selling their products online. But, on the other hand, many women working in regular salaried jobs/tech workforce face issues with respect to continuity/progression and a sizeable number of dropouts over time and do not make it to the top. But there is large mass of women who are still unable to utilize the digital means to bring transform their lives. In this digital era, it is imperative to have digital skills to become part of the mainstream community.

To help achieving this Digital Empowerment Foundation along with UWD (United Way of Delhi), a charitable society joined hands to impart digital literacy among the women and adolescent girls of urban or and semi-urban areas and enable them to use IT and related application and participate actively in the democratic process and further enhance the opportunities of livelihood

Getting digitally literate helps adolescent girls and young women to gain;

  • Access to education
  • Access to employment
  • Decision making power
  • Exposure to media
  • Violence free domestic environment There is a need to create awareness and skills in women in this digital era.

The target is to reach 4000-8000 Women and Adolescent girls of 14-40 years of age, hailing from Urban and Semi Urban area.

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