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Puducherry also known as Pondicherry is a coastal city and an urban agglomeration situated in the southern part of the country. Puducherry is one of the seven Union Territories and is located within the district of Pondicherry. The eastern part of Puducherry faces the Bay of Bengal, while rest of it is surrounded the state of Tamil Nadu. Puducherry is merely 3 to 4 hours’ drive away from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Puducherry was predominantly a French colony until 1954 when it regained its independence. One may easily find evidential French architecture and aesthetics all across the city, with roads and landmarks often named in French language. Affectionately called Pondy, the city if often found on the travel trail of national and international tourists who visit to seek peace and tranquility on the sea-side.

Puducherry too, however, faces several developmental issues which other parts of the country face. Although the territory boasts of remarkable figures in terms of sex ratio and literacy rate, cases of gender disparity can still be found, with boys having greater access to education, as compared to the girls. Caste differences are still prevalent, as the marginalised are looked down upon by the so-called upper-class. Although the literacy rate is much above the national average, one cannot deny the high drop-out rate from schools and universities.

In such scenario, establishing ICT equipped spaces, including CIRCs, would give an opportunity to those deprived of education and life skills to resume their career aspirations. Short term courses offered at CIRC, including basic digital literacy, desktop publishing and spoken English along with easy access to the internet would help unemployed youth build employable skills as well as keep track of employment opportunities through online portals.

One such CIRC is located in the fishermen community of Vathikuppam in Puducherry. The centre is quite popular within the community as people often visit to avail basic digital services such as scanning and photocopy. Periodic career guidance is also provided to youth and women so that they can identify their inherent abilities, explore career avenues and progress in life.  Students from farther localities, too visit the centre for basic digital literacy, nevertheless, internet surfing is a greater attraction. From 7 to 70, students of all age groups have developed a special bond with CIRC Vaithikuppam.



Capital Puducherry
Area  492 Sq. Km.
Total Population 12.47 Lakh (Rural 33.5%)
Population Density 2605/Sq. Km.
Population, 0-6 years 11%
Sex Ratio (per 1000 males) 1037:1000 (Rural 1028:1000; Urban 1042:1000)
Total Literacy (7+ years)  85.85% (Male 91.26%; Female 80.67%)
Rural Literacy (7+ years) 80.10% (Male 87.44%; Female 73.02%)
Urban Literacy (7+ years) 88.49% (Male 93.03%; Female 84.17%)
Total Scheduled Caste Population* 16.2%
Total Scheduled Tribe Population* 0
Total Worker Population 35.66% (Female 17.63%)
Total Villages 69

(* The figures are according to 2001 Census)

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