The CIRC Awards will recognise works of excellence in 4 categories in order to ensure that triumphs in all areas of community development are duly acknowledged.


14Community Outreach

The category recognises centres that attain significant impact on the community with successful utilisation of conventional and non-conventional techniques of mobilisaton. This includes best utilisation of the available ICT tools, along with conceptualisation and implementation of new ideas on ground. The category is to acknowledge dynamic endeavours towards connecting with people and identifying their needs and aspirations, besides adopting unique and systematic approaches towards taking essential information to the knowledge deprived sections within the   community.

13Programme Diversity

The category recognises most extensive programme adoption by centres for all-round community development using digital and non-digital tools. The award felicitates outstanding initiatives adopted to enhance collective skill sets within the community, build capacities and create a holistic environment where new opportunities generate. The purpose it to acknowledge those enthusiasts who identify the inherent talents of the community and are dedicated towards generating unique platforms for augmenting them, thereby boosting the overall economy within the community framework.


12Enterprise & Sustainability

The category recognises most innovative and enterprising approaches taken towards achieving socio-economic sustainability at the centre. The award acknowledges most successful business models applied by centres to cater to community demands and to pillar structural and consistent growth of the centre. The objective is to felicitate individuals who demonstrated unparalleled commitment towards flourishing their centre as a standalone organisation, free from any external support in the future.


15 Model Centre

This recognition is given away to the centre that inspired the rest by demonstrating exemplary leadership towards holistic community development achieved with human effort and achieved by the spirit of digital empowerment. The award is given to that one centre that understands the community needs, delivers most unique and potent solutions, works towards generating new needs within the community and ultimately achieves financial stability to attain social sustainability. The Model Centre award will goes to the one that emerged as a prototype centre to guide and motivate the rest.

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