Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship & Empowerment (W2E2 ) programme is to create women driven ICT micro social enterprise and entrepreneurs supported by wireless internet in socially backward locations or districts of India and contribute to an enabling internet environment and internet for gender inclusion and women empowerment. The programme aligns with the mission of internet society, which is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) has initiated W2E2 programme and selected 10 women from across various domains of SHGs, Agriculture, teaching, etc. from Chanderi, Baran, Shivpuri and Tura to empower them for multiplying process under which selected women are trained and after that these trained women spread knowledge to other women and thus the chain continues and will slowly cover every corner of India one day.

Chanderi located in Ashok Nagar district of Madhya Pradesh state already has wireless Internet available covering more than 5 kilometres of radius including most populated areas of Chanderi. Since Chanderi is known for its traditional skill of weaving and there are many micro-entrepreneurs there who are struggling to reach market and take advantage of internet to outreach, W2E2 can easily cater and build a network of 10 wireless women entrepreneurs for empowerment and create multiplier effect.

Tura, West Garo Hills has a centre managed by DEF at Tura and also has a wireless Internet provision serving the tribal minorities. To meet the demand from the tribal youth population, 10 Wireless Women Entrepreneurs for Empowerment has been established and it is ideal for generating enough entrepreneurial services.

Ranchi is the capital of the tribal state of Jharkhand where, peripheral of the town is leaving under the poverty; 10 Wireless Women Entrepreneurs for empowerment is creating the culture of entrepreneurship and also providing network driven Internet.
Shivpuri dominating with Bheels and Sahariya tribal communities which are totally illiterate and nomadic. Identifying, training and capacity building of 10 young women entrepreneurs have created a chain of entrepreneurship with digital inclusion.

These women possess a basic computer education and hereby their training began with an overview of the computer hardware and some basic information on computer OS, basic software, importance of CPU and the interconnectivity of keyboard, mouse and monitor. Post the orientation class, batch has undertook classes on alternate day basis where they have been educated on basic excel with assignments on developing attendance register, stock register, and using graphs and charts to study statics of any data.

At the end Internet reaches to marginalised potentially skilled and capable women who would take advantage of Internet and Web to empower themselves and the communities around.

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