A large number of beneficiaries of information empowerment are MGNREGA workers who are often misled about their privileges and the right amount of wages they are supposed to receive. One such beneficiary is Chiroji Bai Jatav who worked in road construction at one of the villages of Bakanpura in Rajasthan. After completion of her work, she visited the Gramin Bank to collect her earnings, where the bank officer handed her 1000 rupees for her worked that spanned 11 days. Skeptical about the money she received, Chiroji visited CIRC Bakanpura and with the help of the centre staff, checked her muster roll on the MGNREGA online portal. To her surprised, she learnt that she was in fact supposed to receive a total of 1100 rupees from the bank. She went back to her bank where the officer was abashed as well as surprised by Chiroji’s astuteness. He duly gave her back the remaining 100 rupees. It was later realised that like her, several other coworkers have been deceived and deprived by the same bank of the rightful amount that must receive. The Village Panchayat ensures that MGNREGA workers are encouraged to visit the CIRC to check their muster roll themselves and protect themselves from any type of fraud.

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