A carpenter by profession, Mohd Ali is a man who has sharp inclination towards learning the tools of computer and internet. Ali is a 21 years old native of Akbarpur, a small village of district Barabanki in UP. He completed his graduation 2 years back and 2 months ago he came to know about

Digital Empowerment Foundation’s baank-e-loom centre, recently opened in Saidanpur. As he was fond of using the internet, and operating Facebook, Gmail & WhatsApp, he get himself enrolled at Baank-e-loom centre as a student. Now, apart from Facebook and other things Ali is learning painting & designing with the help of laptop and he wants to use his computer skills in his profession. Ali made some beautiful wooden items for baank-e-loomcentre like table, notice board with wheels, hanger and gifted a photo-frame to the centre.

There are eight members in Ali’s family but he is most responsible for his family’s livelihood. Akbarpur village has several men who are engaged in this profession. However, Ali’s zeal to learn and enrich his work makes him different from others. He thanks DEF for offering such kind of digital services in his town which he never saw before. According to Ali ‘if there is darkness of digital illiteracy, DEF is there to show the right path”

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